The Vision

Several years ago, Stephen Shanahan and Martin McBurney were exploring the vibrant, fascinating city of Jerusalem when they came across a large block of neglected, barren land not far from the Old City.

Soon after an idea was born to create a beautiful and tranquil garden supported by the people of the world in a spirit of friendship and goodwill.

Fortunately the land was gazetted for a public park/garden. A proposal was presented to the Jerusalem Municipality and subsequently the Friendship Garden of Jerusalem Trust was established.

The purpose of the Trust is to create and maintain the Friendship Garden of Jerusalem. The Trust is registered in Australia, is non-profit and has three Australian Trustees.

The Jerusalem Municipality and the Trust have put in place a formal Agreement.

For the Garden's design, the Trust has a formal Agreement with Shlomo Aronson Landscape Architects, Town Planners and Architects.

We welcome your participation in this exciting, international project of cooperation, friendship and goodwill between all peoples of the Earth.